•    BEAR: A man that generally has one or more of the following features; hairy chest and body, a beard, broad shoulders, husky build, beefy, chubby or more masculine. Of course there is no strict set of rules that must apply but in general the bear will not fit the “contemporary gay culture stereotype image”, whatever that means :) 
•    CUB: A younger (looking) version of a bear. Usually lacking a (full) beard. May be shorter or less beefy, stocky, chubby or masculine. May be less hairy and is sometimes used to imply 
 the submissive partner in a relationship.
•    ADMIRER: A term that is most often used for someone who is not a Bear, Cub or Otter but is sexually or romantically attracted to them. (also used in other communities to identify an outsider who’s interested in someone from that community.)
•    CHASER: Like admirer but probably more aggressive or determined in his approach and more likely to only go for men from the bear community. (Update after meeting Marc in Sitges 2007: A chaser will always go for the biggest bear in his surroundings, bless him.)
•    OTTER: A hairy man that has bear like features but is slender. 
•    WOLF: Like the Otter but more aggressive in his approach. Could also be an older Otter with grey hair.s
•    SILVERFOX: An older man/bear with grey facial and body hair.
•    REDBEAR: A red hair bear. Simple as that! May also be referred to as Ginger Bear.
•    BLACKBEAR: Well... Have a guess... but stay away from natural or dyed hair.
•    POLARBEAR: An older bear with white or grey (body) hair.
•    KOALABEAR: A bear but instead of the more common dark hair this guy has (natural) blond (body) hair.

A short list of the most commonly used terms within the bear community.

If you have something to add or see an error you would like to report, please send me a message.

As said before I’m not a bear guru but on top of that never too old enough to learn.

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