My name is Jos and I am the cheeky bastard behind these ‘furry’ pages. In day-to-day life I am a Creative Supervisor at one of the biggest multimedia production houses in The Netherlands. Take a look here, if you are interested. 

 As you can see I took the bear community as inspiration for designing my own collection of creative shirts. Being an out gay man for the majority of my life I met my fair share of furry men and can honestly say I'm an admirer. Surfing around the web I just couldn't get my head around why there are so few ways for you guys to express yourselves. The few products i did find didn't rock my world so I just had to design my own.

Fan Pictures

Show me your pride

Over the years I have been send loads of fanpics. Guys proud of their new shirt and showing me where they where when wearing them. The venues, parties, holidays, prides and what not, they visited. I am always looking forward seeing new pics from you wearing your Bearwear shirt. With a little luck you end up here on the site or on the facebook page.

send your pictures to info at bearwear dot nl


Can I personalize a shirt?

Yes..., That is..., I can do this for you. To get a personalised item you need to send me a request with a detailed description of what you want. I will judge your wishes and work them out according to the creative and technical standards. Of course you will get the chance to ok the shirt, after which I will set the production in motion.

What is our delivery time?

Delivery-time may vary per item. In general delivery is within a timeframe of 5 to 7 days. Please take note in the shop when you order. Shirts will be shipped by normal post or courier and wrapped safely in foil and sometimes boxed.

The 100% satisfaction rule?

Bearwear.nl works thru Spreadshirt.net who has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed rule. In general all problems regarding misprints or even mis-size orders will be addressed by a strong return and replace policy.

What are the payment options?

All major credit-cards are accepted. Of course you can choose to pay on arrival or by bank-transfer. Besides from these options you can use iDeal.

How safe is the webshop?

The shop section of this website ilinnks to Spreadshirt.net. They are a German based company that prints and ships over 1600 shirts a day. Your personal data is kept secret and your payments are completely safe.

Where do i go in case of trouble?

When you order from the shop you are a customer of Spreadshirt. All printing, shipping and payments are handled by them so when you think something is wrong please contact Spreadshirt direct.